Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tip Shops and other wonders of the world

I've lived in quite a few places around Australia & the one thing most of those locations have in common is a good tip shop. For those who may not know this is literally a shop at the tip (dump, landfill, etc...). Some are filled with goodies scoured literally from the tip face, some are super fancy with the reclaimed goods being salvaged directly from your load of 'rubbish' as you try to drive it to the tip (Caloundra has this great system). Anyway I heart tip shops. I visited my local tip shop this week and nabbed this beautiful suitcase;

I've been looking for one of these for a while now as they are perfect for holding..........

The red shoes & patterns were from the op shop. The shoes are worth a post all to themselves...but only if you are into vintage red leather children's shoes (isn't everybody?) so I'll refrain, you can get a better look here. The other tip shop finds:

The teapot is for Max & Adi as we have started having little teaparties & the roll of paper is to add to the kids craft cupboard ( it's all nice & neat in the cupboard!)

From the op shop I also got this beautiful children's book,

The illustrations are beautiful , here are some of my favourites;

Dad burning the toast while reading the paper

Getting yourself dressed in the morning

And my favourite today.....climbing into bed with mum.

Hope you've saved a bit of goodness from going to landfill & had a little one come crawling into your bed.

Hot water news flash - the instantaneous gas system is installed, just awaiting connection to the mains.....hope Powerco are reading this! I can't wait for a soak in the bath........

Sunday, July 27, 2008

late nights

The tour is drawing to a close & Cadel will be 2nd again, but I think he had an amazing race. I've managed to get lots of projects finished while staying up to 'watch' the tour - the telly has never had such a work out! Unfortunately I've started more projects than I've finished, as usual, but I'm feeling good about all the 'things' I have going on. Here are a few of the finished ones:

To hold all my inherited knitting needles - I hope to become a better knitter one day, it would suit living in Tassie.

Some strawberry bloomers for the shop

Some undies for Max...fresh from the wash. I got a coverpro 1000cp for Mothers day & have been doing a few trial stretch projects....I'm really happy so far ( this site, & this one have really helped!)

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I'm so glad that we live somewhere that gets snow (& not just cold miserable weather). The snow makes it all worth while.

I had a great day going to the top of 'the mountain' with the kids on Friday. The sun was out, there was lots of snow around, and it was easy to get to - the weekends can be a traffic nightmare. Max was sooooo excited as we had been watching the snowline moving up & down the mountain all week. He searches for the "snow mountain" as we navigate around Hobart, particularly since we have been talking about snow-men of late - or as Max calls them no-man.

Adelaide really loved it as well, although she was quite annoyed to be unable to remove her mittens (a small win her me!). The only down-side was discovering there was no memory card in the camera, fortunately my mobile can take a half decent photo.....even if you can't actually see the screen to frame the shot!

And I actually remembered everything (a small miracle); kids lunches, the thermos, the hot chocolate, scarves, beanies, coats, all-in-one-suits, mittens, sled, carrot, sticks for snowman arms, a shovel to collect some snow, a nappy bucket to carry the snow, etc...........

We dropped this little bit of the mountain off for Tim as he missed out on the whole adventure.

We also brought snow home so Tim could build a snowman with Max, Max promptly ate his
nose after this shot!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Birthday Pajama's

So I stayed up late (again!) to finish off these pajamas for my niece who turned 2 yesterday. These milestones remind me of how far we live from our extended families. I do love living in Tasmania but I wish at the same time we were living closer to my family (Tim wishes the same...perhaps living in Tassie saves us having to decide whose family to move closer to!)

The pants are flannel with a flannel ruffle at the hem (apparently she loves ruffles at the moment & also doesn't like her current PJs). The top is a bonds stretchie - I just discovered they only make stretchies up to size 2! What will my kids wear after that? The jumper (or "sloppy joe" as my Nanna calls them) is not great but she needs to be warm & this is the best I could come up with at short notice (well I did know her birthday was coming up, but only decided to make PJs the day before her birthday - standard operating around here). Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY Miss M., hope these keep you snug on those o-so-cold northern NSW evenings (yeah right!).

Monday, July 21, 2008

in the time it takes........

In the time it took to find my mobile charger this is how Max managed to 'make-over' his sister using his favourite product....a tube of am-o-lin!

I had to leave the room & burst in to fits of laughter after discovering them, Adi all smiles & Max looking very proud of himself. Thankfully the camera was hanging out in the hall & I managed to grab a couple of photos before attempting to wipe some of it of. Having no hot water made the task next to impossible, so instead it was sort of smeared all over her, although I managed to collect quite a bit in a bowl. So the lesson today...Max can play nicely with his sister....just not in the way I had imagined it happening!

We had a great time in Launceston, meeting baby Jasper & having lots of cuddles. Despite early enthusiasm regarding staying up & watching the Tour de France I went to bed at 9 (unheard of!). On Sunday we watched our friend run in the Launceston 10 before Tim headed to the soccer while I took the kids to hang out at the Inveresk Queen Vic Museum & Art Gallery. It's the perfect spot to take kids on a cold & rainy day (especially if it's a Sunday!). While they slept I looked at the things I like; the China Trade Paintings , the Tasmanian Aboriginal shells exhibit, and some of the amazing colonial paintings they have there. Max loved waking up amongst the trains, planes, dinosaurs & the fabulous new phenomena factory. The less said about the drive home the better!

That's about all I have time for as I've a mountain of sewing/mending to get through tonight & the pile is threatening to topple over & destroy my prioritised stacking.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Tour de Gocco

We have finally decided on connecting to gas....we now just have to wait for the connection....2 weeks without hot water, it's surprising how well we have adapted - having a dishwasher helps! I must admit that I'm keen to have a long soak in the bath when we go up to Launceston this weekend.

I'm in the middle of a huge cook-up so we can take up some frozen meals for our friends who have just had a baby, a fair swap for getting a few newborn babe cuddles. I'm also madly preparing gifts for the little tacker....

I stenciled the dinosaur on last night...just waiting for it to dry so I can wrap it up. I got out the gocco last night (finally!) after being inspired by kate's efforts. What I didn't count on was how long that little bit of ink would last just kept going, and going, and goooooing! All of this with the Tour de France & Tim keeping me company. The gocco outlasted Tim & in the end I just scrapped the ink off so I could get to bed. What to do with my trial prints.... bugs & strawberries, perhaps I should have thought more about that combination.

I'm looking forward to getting some larger screens & printing some fabric.

I also managed to make a couple of pencil rolls, one for Max from a vintage linen tablecloth & one for me - the patchwork version from Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts.

Monday, July 14, 2008


I've lost my watch. It was nothing special, just very handy (no pun intended) with it's light, rubber watch bands (great for teething babes, especially when I forgot to take a toy - again) & daggy digital face.

Alas it's gone! I can't tell you how often I've looked at this in the past few days

It seems to be raining babies at the moment, I managed to get some time in the sewing room over the weekend & whipped up these bibs. I made a few extra for my etsy shop & for Adi as her bib options were rather grotty or gross, like the bibs we got at an op shop on holiday after not packing any...bibs that say things like...."Future Grand Prix Winner". I thought I'd send them back to the op shop, but of course they came home with us & are now in regular circulation. Well no more!

Got some great bargains at the op shop this week, more on that later, Adi is awake!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Winter harvest

We used our last jar of cumquat marmalade last week so yesterday Adi & I went back to 'our' cumquat tree to harvest some more. It was great to see cumquats still on the tree as last year we missed out as I think I'd mentioned it to a few too many folk! When I first discovered this tree it had what looked like several years worth of fruit on it. Now it is bursting with big & juicy fruit thanks to it's regular picking perhaps. Adi crawled around the grass while I reached around collecting fruit.

This little nest was tucked in behind the canopy....

It was a beautiful hour spent in the brief sunshine, especially as this heavily perfumed bush was in flower.....not sure what it is?

The fruits of our 'labour' (well besides the sooty mould my hands were covered in this part was the easy bit, tonight the cutting & preserving begin in earnest)

Our hot water system dilemma continues, we are trying to decide whether to go solar or instantaneous the mean time the kids get a 'bath' in the kitchen sink (which they LOVE!) , Tim gets a shower at work.....& I'm making do (which I don't LOVE!)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Frosty recoveries

The vomiting has eased. The washing begins. Of course the weather has been freezing so it's not ideal drying weather but everything is covered in sheets & we are getting there. It was such a cold weekend....lots of snow on the mountain. We thought about taking the kids up on Saturday but the fear of having to clean vomit out of the car stopped us. was nice just to look up at it (& the stream of cars snaking up the road).

We did manage a quick trip to town on Friday to have lunch with Tim & get a few supplies. We then spent about 20mins at this building site. Max loved it!

I'm wondering if I'll get much from the veggie garden this winter considering the frosts we've been getting (& the general neglect it always gets!)

Max is off to childcare today, he had baby-doll ready to go in the bike trailer, unfortunately with Tim still feeling sick, she has been left waiting for her ride!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


I love living in the shadow of a mountain. Sometimes I just look up & get a shock to see 'the mountain' has changed her mood. Based on how cold it was this morning, I didn't need to look up to see what would be there..... a light dusting of snow.

We have been struck by some kind of vomiting bug (a bug that causes you to vomit rather than a bug that vomits!) so it was nice to get outside into the nippy air to take a few deep breathes and pretend that stain on my shoulder was something more benign!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

rainy days

I knew it would be a fairly rainy day here (my parents are currently weather observers in Tassies south-west) so I planned a few inside activities with Max to pass the time. Luckily we had some lovely sunshine for a little while & we got to run around outside; emptying the compost, collecting the eggs, picking grass for the chooks, a spot of weeding & generally enjoying the sun on our faces (while Adi slept). When you live in Tasmania you just have to drop everything & go outside as soon as the sun is shining or you just might miss it (at least that's my excuse for leaving the cleaning until later).

Anyway the rain soon drove us back inside so the baking began. The sourdough was nearly ready for kneading so Max worked on his dough (playdough) while I did it. We then launched into some biscuit making.......

They did turn out in the end

Both the babes went down for their sleep and I cleaned up our flour coated kitchen & also snuck in a quick bit of sewing, some WIP for the etsy shop and a start on a gift for friends who have just had their first babe.....a little boy, born the day before the baby bonus increased by $1000!

I'll still trying to get the link to my Etsy shop working, one of these the interim you can find me by looking for seller "3redbuttons". I love making summer clothes in winter, it reminds me of what is coming. These ruffle pants are a favourite at the moment! Today I made my first sale on Etsy, thanks so much TheQuiltedLion, I'll link to you as soon as I know how.

Blogging: a winter sport?

I made it.

Starting a blog has been on my mind for a while now. The blogging idea has waxed & waned but I've finally started. The onset of winter has had something to do with it.....there are not as many outdoor temptations competing with all the other things I try to fit into my days, so here I am.

With winter comes the frosts & this is what I got when I tried to water some of the frost from the veggie garden this week.....

Hose icicles! My son thought they were marvelous....although I don't think he could feel his fingers after about the 3rd one.

I plan to add a little snippet of my/our lives here every couple of days, but you know what they say about plans. The next few days have a focus on sewing as I MUST reduce my fabric's taking over the house!


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