Monday, July 7, 2008

Frosty recoveries

The vomiting has eased. The washing begins. Of course the weather has been freezing so it's not ideal drying weather but everything is covered in sheets & we are getting there. It was such a cold weekend....lots of snow on the mountain. We thought about taking the kids up on Saturday but the fear of having to clean vomit out of the car stopped us. was nice just to look up at it (& the stream of cars snaking up the road).

We did manage a quick trip to town on Friday to have lunch with Tim & get a few supplies. We then spent about 20mins at this building site. Max loved it!

I'm wondering if I'll get much from the veggie garden this winter considering the frosts we've been getting (& the general neglect it always gets!)

Max is off to childcare today, he had baby-doll ready to go in the bike trailer, unfortunately with Tim still feeling sick, she has been left waiting for her ride!

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