Sunday, July 27, 2008

late nights

The tour is drawing to a close & Cadel will be 2nd again, but I think he had an amazing race. I've managed to get lots of projects finished while staying up to 'watch' the tour - the telly has never had such a work out! Unfortunately I've started more projects than I've finished, as usual, but I'm feeling good about all the 'things' I have going on. Here are a few of the finished ones:

To hold all my inherited knitting needles - I hope to become a better knitter one day, it would suit living in Tassie.

Some strawberry bloomers for the shop

Some undies for Max...fresh from the wash. I got a coverpro 1000cp for Mothers day & have been doing a few trial stretch projects....I'm really happy so far ( this site, & this one have really helped!)


Kate said...

Great needle holder! I'v really enjoyed the tour this year, but hopefully I can get some sleep now its finished.

kelly said...

Did you create this pattern or is available online anywhere? I'm looking to make some like this and I love how yours turned out!`


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