Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tip Shops and other wonders of the world

I've lived in quite a few places around Australia & the one thing most of those locations have in common is a good tip shop. For those who may not know this is literally a shop at the tip (dump, landfill, etc...). Some are filled with goodies scoured literally from the tip face, some are super fancy with the reclaimed goods being salvaged directly from your load of 'rubbish' as you try to drive it to the tip (Caloundra has this great system). Anyway I heart tip shops. I visited my local tip shop this week and nabbed this beautiful suitcase;

I've been looking for one of these for a while now as they are perfect for holding..........

The red shoes & patterns were from the op shop. The shoes are worth a post all to themselves...but only if you are into vintage red leather children's shoes (isn't everybody?) so I'll refrain, you can get a better look here. The other tip shop finds:

The teapot is for Max & Adi as we have started having little teaparties & the roll of paper is to add to the kids craft cupboard ( it's all nice & neat in the cupboard!)

From the op shop I also got this beautiful children's book,

The illustrations are beautiful , here are some of my favourites;

Dad burning the toast while reading the paper

Getting yourself dressed in the morning

And my favourite today.....climbing into bed with mum.

Hope you've saved a bit of goodness from going to landfill & had a little one come crawling into your bed.

Hot water news flash - the instantaneous gas system is installed, just awaiting connection to the mains.....hope Powerco are reading this! I can't wait for a soak in the bath........


Margaret said...

I especially love old books, patterns and magazines! It is always exciting to come across a new one to treasure :)

kbenco said...

What great finds!

Thanks for your comment on the Green Pepper Jersey. I bought the pattern whilst I was living in the USA. A few people have written about the Jalie cycling jersey pattern too - it comes in more sizes, and has cycling shorts included in the pattern.

Kate said...

Those shoes are fantastic!

fiveandtwo said...

Hahaha. I have one of those size suitcases. What does it have in it? Vintage patterns of course! Yes, they are just the right size.

The red shoes - omg, they're wonderful!

Kris said...

I love our tip shop: it's so grungy and so full of potential.

I'm in awe of those books - really beautiful.


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