Thursday, August 28, 2008

vitamin D & C & C & C

I've picked up some horrid lurgy with the hightlights being headaches, swollen glands , sore throat, cold shakes & just a general feeling of rottenness. Thankfully it responds rather well to panadol so under the influence of that & lots of vitamin C I've managed an OK day so far (however there was that session this morning where Max was allowed to watch Night Garden & Playschool). It has been a glorious spring day in Hobart. The sun has been shining & by mid morning we had all managed to find something to amuse ourselves with on the deck or in the yard. NO hats allowed as we soaked up a few post-winter sun rays. Things I love spring in the air.......

  • washing hung outside in the sun, dry in 1 hour. This is a typical load, a zillion nappies, stacks of bibs, a few kids clothes, a lonely sock, & not a single pair of my do mine always stay in the washing basket long after everything else has moved on!
  • 3-4 eggs per day from our 4 hens, all that left over porridge is paying off
  • Adelaide's 'first' steps, out in the sun, new summer outfit (made last night) and no shoes - look at those little toes gripping on!
  • tangellos.......our juice this morning & for lunch
  • rare moments when Adi is not destroying the tracks & Max can play trains

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

my kitchen maid

We started the morning with freshly squeezed blood orange juice all around. While juicing the oranges I was admiring my sunbeam mixmaster which has really stood the test of time.

My Nan has one of these & I remember helping her bake biscuits & cakes with it as a child. It was from her I learnt to wind the bowl backwards to ensure everything gets mixed, whenever I do this I am reminded of her. I picked this mixmaster up from a garage sale when I lived in Sydney. The woman selling it was renovating her kitchen & this 'didn't go' with the new kitchen so she was buying a kenwood mixer. I was thrilled to pick it up for $25 - it even had all the attachments & the original handbook.

My mum had a kenwood mixer so I suppose I should be lusting after this generations mixer, a kitchen aid, but I'm happy to go back in time & use the Sunbeam (my kitchen maid perhaps?). The juicer attachment is really efficient & fast at getting that goodness out of the fruit & into a cup to get the day started.......

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

family, princesses & bike rides

My sister & her family were in Hobart for the weekend, so Max & Adi had lots of cousin time. It made me realise how nice it would be to live closer to my family so the cousins could all hang out together. The reality is we are all rather scattered so it isn't very likey but I can see how raising children with lots of family members around would be sooo different from the way most people seem to be doing it these days (us included). Babysitters on hand!

I felt better about the whole thing after seeing Princess Mary down at the markets on Saturday. Poor thing, surrounded by photographers, bodyguards, the adoring public........imagine trying to raise children in that environment. The funniest part was the reports in the paper on Sunday about her being just a normal mother taking her children to the markets!

It was a busy weekend with a trip to the snow, birthday cake baking for cousin Zion & Adi, a ride to the market with the kids in the trailer, a 2 year old birthday party, hanging out with my sister, cooking together & a little sleep in (thanks Tim).

I finished off a couple more summer bloomers this morning before the mad rush out the door to playgroup, Max was very keen to help me take some pictures of them

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tasmanian crafters

After hearing one of my Etsy items had been nominated in the Aussie Boutique Kids clothing challenge I was excited to see that I was in good company as another Tasmanian was also nominated. The idea behind the Aussie Boutique Kids blog is great so check it out here. These are the bloomers nominated:

Weather is too nice to sit in front of the computer any longer.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

mid week recovery

Wednesday already!

The days seem to have been slipping by, I haven't managed to get half the things done I hoped I would. Max is only just coming out of yet another sickness. For the past 5 or so days he has been totally miserable, snotty, feverish & hasn't eaten very much. He seems to have inherited his dad's ability to cope with pain which is summed up in this clip....

He started eating again today & the snotty nose seems to have backed off...check out one of yesterdays shirts.....& most of the time he used a hanky! I do wonder about the rationale of him spending 1 day a week in childcare...just enough time to catch everything going around, the rest of the week spent recovering only to go back & catch the next lurgy!

Luckily he has enough in reserves that several days of not eating much means he just looks a bit leaner, Adi would be a different story. He spent this morning squeezing& drinking blood oranges before tucking into a bowl of weet-bix.

I managed to get a bit more sewing done last night as Tim had to go back in to work until late, more pencil rolls for birthday gifts, and this little upcycled t-shirt, my first go at reverse applique.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Flowers & bloomers

So the garden didn't exactly get whipped into shape this weekend but lots of other things happened to make up for it.....sleep-ins, produce shopping at the markets, dinner with friends on Saturday night, superficial cleaning (my effort), fridge cleaning (Tim's effort), chilling with the kids, some sewing & I think I even caught a glimpse of what I expect was the bottom of the washing basket!

The garden is producing flowers (bulbs & self-seeded annuals) if nothing else so at least there is something to gather after collecting the eggs in the morning. The wind has snapped the tops of the over-zealous sweet pea so I got a couple of bunches this morning before they all wilt. This vibrant pink sweetpea plant was the only one to survive JP's (our dog) bone burying forays into the garden. They smell lovely & do a great job in the kitchen masking the smell when you open the compost. Quite unintentionally they are the same shade of pink as our only ranunculas flower (so far).

While I'm on the floral theme, I also made a new pair of bloomers....these are the photos that didn't make it to the shop but are my favourites anyway.

Max was keen on the pom-pom trim.

I picked up a $1 bag of remnant fabric from Spotlight on Friday night....

It got me thinking about what I'd make with the fabric, so I decided to starting the remnant bag challenge, to see how many goodies I can create from the fabric in that bag....the 'rules' are:

  1. I can't buy new bits & pieces for the projects (zips, ribbon, etc). Fortunately I have a stack & I'm thinking op-shop finds will be OK.
  2. Try to make things we need or clothing that looks at least half decent...there are some strange fabrics in this lot.
  3. Use as much other fabric from my stash as possible!
This is the first project using the fabric...'s a bag for holding the felt-board game I got at the op-shop recently. See that purple fabric I used as the backing...that's from the bag. I also used up some light weight plastic, fitted sheet elastic (good for projects where fancy FOE would be a waste), velcro (no zippers long enough), & some op-shop bias binding. It worked out really well, I'll be making more of these for all the puzzles...they make storing them much easier.

I'm off to bed for an 'early' night as tomorrow I need to do the re-supply shopping for my parents who are currently care-takers on Maatsuyker Island (another post).

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

fresh greens to inspire me!

A friend (who knows the woeful state of my veggie patch at the moment) loaded me up with fresh greens, kale, jeruselum artichokes & silverbeet (her "B-grade crop") when I visited today. It was such an amazing dinner to wash a few greens, chop up some avocado, fry some haloumi, squeeze a lemon, splash with oil & sprinkle with parsley + pepper! No more mucking around, I'll be in the garden this weekend rain, hail or shine - a bit of shine would be nice though.

Having grown our own salad greens since we put in the veggie patch I find it really hard to buy them at the shops, I end up thinking to myself "heck no, I'm not paying for these easy to grow crops, I'll plant them instead" but lately I've forgotten to plant them so we seem to have been without fresh salads for yonks.

This meal reminds me why I need to get out & get a couple of beds back on track.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

birthday preparations

While Adelaide's first birthday is not until the end of the month, I've started to put some effort into how I'd like to celebrate birthdays around here. I'd really like to avoid the focus being on parties, presents & cakes and shift the focus (while I can) to being on what they & we as a family have done in the past year. I'm still in shock that this little girl is now nearly one

The second time around seems to have flown by. I guess with Max, everything was new. Looking after two young children meant I just didn't have the time/energy to spend as much time sitting around staring/marveling at her. Of course we still marvel at her antics & wonder at the differences between them, but it has been a very different journey the second time around. Adi has spent far more time being carried around in pouches & backpacks - while I tried to get things done or entertain Max, she has slept in our bed much more than Max ever did and she has grown up regardless of me still thinking of her as my baby!

This last week she has started to refuse the breast during the day, only feeding in the morning & evening. I get the feeling that as soon as she starts to walk it will be "thanks but no thanks mum". I'll miss the feeding times as they were the regular little one-on-one times that we have always had, even if Max tried to distract me. But I look forward to seeing her walking about the place, she currently pushes the trolley about with a look of immense pride on her face, it won't be long now.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Both the children are asleep....a minor miracle.

We spent an hour after lunch playing outside in the garden, everything is just bursting (except my sadly neglected veggie patches)





the rest.......

At the end of a days outside play....two very tired children!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Venetian gocco

I can see why people get hooked on gocco, I did a batch of cards today & found a use for the rather daggy venetian blinds in our dining room......

Some I plan to list in the etsy shop. I live in a fairly bike obsessed house so most will probably be used by us.

The standard bike card:

The conservative bike card:

The sissy bike card:

The really fast bike card:

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

marmalade kick-starts the day

Some days I feel I just drag myself out of bed. Adi was quite unsettled last night so I had no energy to make the regular pot of porridge this morning....the kids got weetbix & fruit and I had a cup of tea & some of the freshly baked sourdough with the cumquat marmalade I recently made. Being low on jars after the tomato season (I'm the only one in the house who eats tomatoes....the bulk of our tomato crop is made into kasundi) I used the huge jars that came with our flea market fowlers kit, hence the mega jar of marmalade.........

I was cheered up soon enough as powerco turned up to connect us the the gas mains. Max was beside himself with all the action, we went outside to watch them dig the hole in the road & he spent the rest of the time clued to the window, which was a great vantage point. I dragged him away to go to playgroup which was a waste of time as he spent the whole time asking to go home & see the digger!

I'm busy planning my Wednesday evening.......a very long soak in the bath & a laugh in front of hollowmen. This will be closely followed by some gardening effort to repair the damage done around the gas connection - what wasn't covered in piles of dirt was trampled.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

i spy sunshine

We had a glorious day in Hobart today. The sun was out & there was a hint (a mere hint) of spring in the air. Unfortunately Adelaide is unwell with a fever so I spent the majority of the day inside feeding & comforting her, with snatches of standing outside in the sun. Consequently the mini-mountain of sheep poo I planned to spread about the garden this weekend is still stacked around the side of the house. My gardening boots are at the ready for some day this week - in the 'blunnies' corner. I do like 'proper' shoes but I tend to wear these heaps (blundstones go with everything don't they?)

I also finally finished this cycling jersey for Tim. It was another trial using the coverpro. The fabric was a slippery sports fabric (on throwout @ Spotlight). Of course Tim wanted a few modifications to the original pattern & there was a fair bit of trial & error (read: unpicking!) but the end result worked better than I expected. The next one is to be made in merino wool with further modifications still. I found this handmade cycling jersey in my blog travels & hope to track down the green pepper pattern.

I've got a bunch of stretch fabric projects piled up next to the coverstitch (up & over to be exact) but I'm not doing anymore sewing until I spring clean the sewing room (that's what I like to call reality it is the room that contains all our books, my fabric, 3 sewing machines, a desk, the computer & printer, loads of junk & possibly all the odd socks we've ever lost).


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