Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Born into stripes

Leo Francis

After 2 weeks we have settled on a name. We have not spent the time arm-wrestling for naming rights, rather we have been watching this little baby unfurl. He seems to have changed so much already. Maybe it is the knowledge that Leo is our last baby or just the fact he is the third child ( & I'm still in shock of going from one child to two!) but I seem to be taking the time to savour all those baby moments.

Leo has of course inherited a cupboard full of striped clothing (the photo above hints at my subconscious predilection for striped clothing, I didn't even notice until I looked at it on the camera)

The hormones have caused some amnesia as I've started a few knitting projects, a vest for Max, and a cardigan for Leo. I should just concentrate on getting the cardi finished so he gets to wear it as I cast on a newborn size. I'm also fudging my way through the patterns as I've never really learnt to 'read' knitting patterns, if I can't figure out what the pattern says I refer back to the pictures & try to make it look the same.......not a tactic I've had much success with to date! But it's something I can do while feeding (along with reading countless stories) and I do a fair bit of that at the moment.

Tim took Max & Addie camping last weekend, there was lots of rugging up, walking.....


and all those other good things that only Dad's let you do.....

So here we are 2 weeks later, a family of five, out-numbered by the small folk and seemingly destined to never get a decent photo of all of us together at any one time!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New baby bliss

Thank you for all your congratulations and some advance warning: this is about to become one of those "where did the weeks go" kinda blogs.

Having been induced twice it was a relief to go into labour naturally this time around. We made it to the hospital just in time and were holding our little boy 20 minutes later. We also departed the same day & came home so everyone could get some rest & savour those new baby cuddles.

It was lovely to have my mum here for the first week as she took Max & Addie away on adventures so I got lots of rest (or at least some quiet time). I've taken so many photos lately & they are nearly all out of focus, this one is at least clear!

We can't really decide who he looks like and we still haven't decided on a name, for now there is just much excitement about their little brother.......

Suddenly Max & Adelaide seem huge and oh so grown-up. And those soakers I made were a newborn size........

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

hello baby

He's here, a baby boy.

Born in the early hours of Monday morning.

We are all back at home & enjoying getting to know our new family member.

*image from this great book*

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Creative Space - scones and soakers

I hope this babe is not waiting for warmer weather.....we have had terrifically white, cold & frosty mornings lately. I'm starting to feel I'll be pregnant forever! Even 2 days without a working car battery did not bring on labour.

So today I cut up an old woolen jumper to test a soaker pattern, but really the sizing must be wrong, these look way too small - compared to the size of my belly! I plan to make more but perhaps I'll see how these fit first (I know I'll probably never get to the sewing machine again after bub appears, but I can pretend)

Meanwhile the small folk & I have been on morning tea duty

To keep the workers going.......

More spaces over here.

Monday, July 6, 2009

still waiting.......

We are still waiting........no sign of this babe wanting to make an appearance as of yet.

An eviction notice is about to be served, via the acupuncturist's needle....we shall see!

In the mean time the jobs on the whiteboard are being crossed off at a rate of knots! While I would like to take some of the credit for this, the reality is, it is nearly all due to my folks who (with help from Tim when he is around) seem to whip through tasks that have languished on the whiteboard for months (if not years!)

I've not been a total task-master and Mum & I managed to fill the back of the car with goodies at the opening of a local op shop last week. In amongst the haul was an office chair for sewing (no more scraping the chair across to the overlocker & back) as well as this great tin for storing buttons in.

Despite having a dress to finish for a friends niece I've put my efforts into finishing off a stack of baby bloomers that I cut out ages ago. These are going to be so useful for a winter baby that I'm hoping at this stage is a boy (purely because we have no girls' name selected!)

I've even been forced to start tidying up our bedroom (also home to the sewing station, computer cocktail cabinet and various piles of sewing paraphernalia!). Adelaide has been helping out this morning in her newly discovered 'baby' bonnet which according to her is a "cooking hat"


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