Thursday, September 24, 2009

Creative Space - the humble iron

It is not often the humble iron features in my life, I even manage to avoid it on most sewing projects. But it has been getting a lot of use lately after I finally found the packet of long-ago-purchased-and-then-lost fabric stencils. One of the first projects was to use one of the many flour bags we have accumulated to make another bread bag.

This one is for storing the no knead bread loaves, and to make it even easier to make I've transferred the recipe onto the back of the bag. I should have washed all the flour out of the bag first, hence the brown marks. It all came out in the wash though.

Unfortunately we never need to store this bread for long as it disappears rather quickly around these parts. I just stitched the top edge over & added a drawstring and heh presto....a new bread bag.

Now after an evening of chopping fruit with my mum the house is filled with the sweet scent of cumquats boiling for another batch of cumquat goes so well with freshly baked bread!

More creative spaces over at Kristy's.......the force behind the fabulous quilt project

Friday, September 18, 2009

Back for a barn raising weekend

I might be exaggerating just a little when I call the weekend ahead 'barn raising' but the general idea is to assemble (or re-assemble) the cubby house in the back yard, plus add on jacuzzi (think summer pool/bath) & mini beach (or for the less imaginative a sandpit).

The smalls are SUPER excited and happily went to bed "so they would have lots of power to build the cubby ". I foresee a weekend of much hammering and baking (to feed the workers) ahead. Now to get some rest myself......

......but before I go, thank you for your comments after my last post, we are now all back to full health. Leo is growing before our eyes (I'm offloading clothing he has outgrown at the end of every week!). It took a little while but he has now forgotten how much he liked that dummy he had in the hospital!

Friday, September 11, 2009

A break in transmission

I'm having a little rest to recover from the sickness that engulfed our family and saw little Leo in hospital for 5 days with Bronchiolitis (which meant I was also in hospital for 5 days). We are all on the mend now and taking the time to enjoy the sunshine, eat watermelon and be thankful for 3 healthy children (spending time in a paediatrics ward is very sobering).

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


We are playing tag team with some horrid flu/cold/sickness at the moment.

The hankies are in high rotation and the weather is atrocious (still!)

Amongst it all we have somehow managed to 'celebrate' (in a very snuffly kind of fashion) Addie's birthday. How can my little girl now be two? It feels like only a few months ago we celebrated her first birthday. With everyone sick again it will probably also be a few weeks again before we get anyone over to share in some birthday cake.

Our gal who loves her brothers, speaks like a three year old, reminds Tim to take his lunch each morning, forgets nothing, can not be talked or bribed out of anything, eats only when she wants to, insists on having 2 spouts when we sing 'I'm a little teapot', loves strawberries, is inquisitive about everything around her, gives the best cuddles and without fail makes us laugh everyday.

Happy Birthday my sweet.


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