Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One year ago

One year ago I was holding my new baby in my arms, back home after a whirlwind birth that very nearly happened in the front seat of our car.

One year on and I'm watching this same babe sitting up to the table with his brother & sister for afternoon tea or drawing sessions. Another person to consider when setting up activities for the day as he's no longer interested in that basket filled with baby toys (despite my encouragement to stay & be a baby just a little bit longer!) He wants to get in amongst the sibling play (specialising in deconstruction or just plain destruction)

A babe who had no choice but to always be in amongst the action;

A babe exposed to some serious sisterly loving;

A babe who's first summer was the best Tasmanian summer I've ever experienced;

A babe who inherited my uncanny knack of having his eyes closed in most photos;

A babe who has spent way too much time in the backpack

A babe who happily receives gifts from his siblings

A babe who thinks milk teeth are formed purely by waking & demanding to be feed all night long

and a babe who seems to venture off on his own more & more (who will remain my baby for a good while longer despite being constantly mistaken for a small boy these days)

Happy birthday Leo

the destroyer with the best giggle going around these parts

a little note to say I'm no longer doing The Market in August, thanks to everyone who said they would pop by to say hello.


beccasauras said...

He is divine! So photogenic, besides the eyes shut ones. So much like the other 2 as well, who are just as cute to look at. Hmm, I was a bit impressed with the Smurf pillowcase, just quietly! Nice! Good to see a house with good taste haha

beccasauras said...

Oops. happy birthday Leo!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY LEO! Ang, I've said it before I don't know how you get all the sewing done you do for your family and friends...little alone a market stall! Anyway I'm sure you can store it away and when M&D get down later this year you can lock yourself away for days at a time in your sewing room. The pic of Leo enjoying his cuppa made me laugh. Luv Britt

Michelle said...

Happy belated Birthday Leo! He really is a sweetie!


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