Friday, September 9, 2011


I like school holidays.

Strange but true, perhaps.

Unfortunately the first week was filled with sick kids and an overwhelming and never-ending amount of snot and thankfully not quite so much vomit. The sun came out to dry all the associated washing and the kids were fairly subdued (and whingy) so there was plenty of hanging out in the garden and baring my oh-so-white legs to the Spring warmth. I managed to waddle wander around the yard pulling some of the weeds that came out easily after all the rain we have had lately.

Being at home reminded me that we have a new babe arriving soon and that instead of stashing baby stuff under the house I should wash & sort it all out! I forgot how many zillions of pegs are required for all that little stuff.

The snot is drying up now and the rains have returned so we are plotting a few adventures for next week when my mum arrives (an eagerly anticipated event). Until then the kids are amusing themselves with puzzles (they are all slightly puzzle obsessed at the moment), reading (Leo has been introduced to the Richard Scarry book collection by his big brother)

and dressing-up, oh the dress-ups. The place has been full of midwives, superheroes, princesses, kings, knights, firefighters, farmers, builders, dogs, and various other folk.

The dress-up basket is invariably emptied each day in search of the perfect ensemble.

The other short-lived source of entertainment was our old mattress which provided much amusement, jumping and somersault practice, head knocks and then a rash all over Leo's legs due no doubt to any number of allergens that had accumulated in that mattress over the million years we had it.

Two more weeks of holidays to go, I'll see if I still like it as much by then!
(especially as Addie is currently obsessed with playing a Christmas CD she found at the op shop)


Leigh @ Toasted said...

I cringed when you mentioned the Christmas Cd on High Rotation. I always 'lose' those things as soon as I can. Call me a bad mother - it's better than the crazed mother I become with that kinda noise goin' on.

Congrats on surviving that sick spell. They do sucketh.

hausfrau in melbourne said...

What is it with carols? My kid loved/loves them all year round too. You must be far more tolerant than me. I make her stick her headphones on, that way I only have to her singing her version of the lyrics. Hilarious!

hausfrau in melbourne said...

Listen to her that is.

Kristy said...

I am another who really likes school holidays :)

Glad to hear the good bugs have returned and the snot has been evicted! woohoo!


Tricia said...

The contents of your dress-up basket look WAY more interesting than ours! Looks like loads of fun.

Good luck with the carols ;-)

Umatji said...

isn't it wierd how so many parents don't like holidays! i do and I just figure we don't have them for long and I am greedy for them.
how about a bump update?

hanna said...

Things are never boring with kids around :) My kids are just getting into dress-ups, I must start collecting some more dress-up things for them.

Sarah said...

Hi Ang!

I heard of the good news!


Keep well.

Hope to see you when you are ready.

Victoria said...

Do you have some news for us lovely lady? Are you now a 6 bod house?


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