Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunny days

Three days since mum departed.

We are all surviving and starting to put together something of a routine
(I use the word routine rather loosely)

The gorgeously sunny days of late have been put to good use with a visit to the beach
(I even managed a dip.... quite literally a dive in, run straight out, feeling very much alive!)

We spent a good part of the weekend out in the yard

:: gardening

wishing scarecrows kept weeds at bay

preparing a strawberry patch for this summer

plans for planting out seedlings...not actually a reality yet

:: gathering greens from the garden

Finding a quick and easy way to use up a bag full of spinach and the last of the garlic cloves

wishing I'd never planted those horrendously spiky artichokes

frittata from the garden (with the last of our pink eyes)

asparagus pizza
(mountain bread, sour cream, asparagus, salt&pepper)

:: Meanwhile

Baby sleeping in hammock

Kids getting seriously grotty

Back to rain and grey today, but with a slight tan line to remember the recent sunny days.


Victoria said...

The fact that you're managing to cook anything is impressive to me! I mother only two and still am in awe of those who manage so much more than me - I guess we're all made to achieve different things.

Anonymous said...

busy days Ang - glad to see you are going well and surviving without Mum!
Luv Britt

Umatji said...

awk - what an amazing list. I hope you throw the bar out and relax with egg on toast or beans straight from the tin as soon as you need to!

Angie said...

Oh dear....I cooked none of the above meals mentioned!!!!!

Plenty of eggs on toast being served on my shifts!

fifi said...

congrats on reuben, Angie!!! he is beautiful. And I have a feeling that your little gal will definitely hold her own ground :)

small catalogue said...

Hurrah for awesome Mums!


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